Chevere is a Band with Chicago Roots

We are writing this letter regarding an article, “’70s bandleader still dreams of mega-success,” which was published in the June 10, 2007 Tribune. We enjoyed reading the article; however, we feel it is necessary to inform you of our existence as a Chicago-based band with the same name. We feel it is imperative that the Tribune should consider informing your readers, especially our Chicago audience, to not confuse Mr. Regalado’s Chevere with us.

Alejo Poveda founded our Chevere in 1975, initially as a percussion ensemble, which evolved shortly after into a full band. As of today, there are nine members of the band, and we have been active on the Chicago scene continuously for more than 30 years. Our official Web site is, and we have a CD titled “Secret Dream.” When we were ready to put our CD out in 2005, we discovered that there were at least four other bands called Chevere. To avoid further confusion, we registered the name and also called ourselves Chevere de Chicago for practical purposes and to distinguish us.

There is no English word sufficient enough to describe the meaning of the word Chevere, but the closest description we can come up with is that it is an expression that means everything’s OK, everything’s fine, awesome, the best. Everything’s cool. We believe this is the primary reason many thought it was a good band name.

We wish Mr. Regalado, and Mr. Lechner, every success, but we do not want Chicago Tribune readers to confuse his band with ours.


Alejo Poveda, leader, drums
Howard Levy, music director, piano, harmonica
Ruben Alvarez, timbales, percussions
Christopher Cameron, keyboards, synthesizers
Ernie Denov, guitar
Steve Eisen, saxophones, flute
Eric Hochberg, bass
Mark Ohlsen, trumpet
Joe Rendon, congas, percussion
Alfred D. Ticoalu, manager

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